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The Kite may re-open soon

Until last year we were privileged to have a local pub in Mill Street – The Kite.  The new lessees have decided to re-brand as the Porterhouse and it is supposed to open in May.

But last week The Kite – or part of it at least – was painted “charcoal grey”.

The local Camra publication said it would open at the end of May.  We wonder if that is going to happen.




Driving into Oxford: Don’t do it!

There is something very important you need to know about Oxford if you are making the trip using an automobile – Oxford hates cars.

This is despite the fact William Morris, a weird little guy who later became Lord Nuffield, established his multi-gazillionaire empire here in what All About Oxford sometimes playfully calls The City of Screaming Squires.

Why, even the now famous Mini is still made within the so-called city limits.

Here is a bit of practical advice for you motorists coming to our city. Unless you have a working GPS , don’t bother coming into the centre of town. There are five Park & Ride areas on the ring road – details can be found here