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Visiting Oxford by train

There are fast trains from Paddington Station in London to Oxford that run every half hour or so during the day, stopping at Slough and Reading. You can use this Network Rail journey planner to find the times. The trip takes about an hour.  When you get off the train and leave the station you’ll be faced with the somewhat gruesome facade of the Saïd Business School. This is part of the University of Oxford but unless you’re into being an entrepreneur or getting an MBA, this place is of little interest.

It is only a short walk – 10 minutes or so – from the railway station to the heart of Oxford. Unless you’re disabled or weighed down with heavy luggage, you don’t need to take one of the many buses that stop outside the station.

Walk across the pedestrian crossing at the station – there’s a big statue of an ox over there, turn right and when you reach the corner of the Saïd Business School, turn left.

Following this route will take you to a good starting point to explore Oxford further.