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The Long Saga of the Rusty Pole gets a new twist

Our colleague over at, Moniker,  has spotted a new twist to the old take of the Rusty Pole.  You can read all about it here. 

Congratulations, Colin Cook!

ColinCook Complete with regalia, Colin Cook, an Osney Councillor, was elected Lord Mayor of Oxford on the 15th of June, according to local flysheet the Jericho and Osney Rose.

However, according to the Oxford Mail, he was elected Mayor on the 15th of May.

Anyway, Colin and Lady Mayoress Helen Cook will “preside over Oxford ceremonies” in his full regalia.

We’d like to invite them to the downing/painting of the Rusty Pole on Mill Street, still sadly unpainted despite the best efforts of Nicola Westwood MP as was, and if you’d like to join her and him in their full regalia, feel free to drop them an email here  !

We’re looking forwards to it, not backwards!  The picture in the Rose is not the most flattering of Colin, so we put together another picture. If you want more about Oxford, head over to Volesoft!

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 22.01.12


Council will paint the lamp posts but not the rusty pole

New readers might never have heard of the famous Rusty Pole of Mill Street, Oxford. But now you will.

It’s a fascinating tale about bureaucracy, in its own way.  You can read more about it here.

Now Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) has decided to repaint the lamp posts on the other side of the street, paying scant attention to the rusty poles on the east side of the street.

When Nicola Blackwood was MP for this part of the world, she escalated protests to the highest authorities at the OCC, and eventually it emerged that the rusty poles could be painted, but at a prohibitive cost and using only standard black paint.

OK, it’s a minor thing, but questions will be asked. Your dedicated reporters at are on the case.  Φ

The Kite may re-open soon

Until last year we were privileged to have a local pub in Mill Street – The Kite.  The new lessees have decided to re-brand as the Porterhouse and it is supposed to open in May.

But last week The Kite – or part of it at least – was painted “charcoal grey”.

The local Camra publication said it would open at the end of May.  We wonder if that is going to happen.




Sojo Restaurant Oxford: review

Right next to the Backpackers’ Hotel in Hythe Bridge Street – a street with many Asian restaurants and only a short walk from Oxford Railway Station, Sojo offers something a little different to your usual Chinese restaurant.

sojo_spaceThree of us went there to try out what Sojo has to offer.  It’s one of three restaurants in Oxford owned by a Hong Kong family.

Before talking about the food itself,  let me say we found the service to be exceptionally good with attentive and helpful staff ready to explain the very extensive menu.

First of all, the menu at Sojo is very extensive and  serves Cantonese, Szechuan and from Shanghai. It also offers a Mongolian grill. There’s a large choice of starters too. And it caters to vegetarian tastes too.  The menus on the Sojo website only provides a selection of the food available.

sojo_barWe ordered Tsing Tao beers to drink, and went for the tempura, the very spicy beef strips, a portion of white “jasmine” rice and soft chicken noodles with some added chillies. All three of us agreed the food was tasty, well presented and the portions were generous.

The restaurant seemed very ready to tailor your dish the way you want it.

The portions were very generous and the prices reasonable. Eating for three with five Tsing Taos came to #52 – and the bill includes a discretionary 10 percent service charge, which is shared among the staff, we were assured.

While the restaurant is small, the décor is rather attractive and you don’t get the feeling of being hemmed in  – there’s plenty of room there.  There’s some really fab old Shanghai posters adorning the wall.  This restaurant does get busy on Fridays and Saturdays, so it is worth making a reservation if you’re going in the evening.

It’s always a principle of ours when reviewing a restaurant to also check out the toilets too – and these were clean and well kept.

Sojo Restaurant
6/9 Hythe Bridge Street, Oxford OX1 2EW
Phone: 01865 202888
Web Site:

Our Rating: 4 out of 5

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